You can now Learn Italian at The Kulaya Language School. We are arguably one of the best language schools in Africa offering Italian.

We teach Italian to different people around the world to speak Italian fast. Of late, we are recognized as one of the best Italian language schools in Africa to learn Italian.

NOTE: We propose different Italian courses. Moreover, we can offer the courses on a tailor-made basis upon request for individuals, small and large groups upon request. Therefore, the Italian lessons are suitable for individuals, groups or organizations.


We realise that it isn’t always possible to join us at one of our centres, so we’re bringing The Kulaya Language School to you.

We provide online and blended training solutions designed to develop your Italian skills for real-life situations. Learn Italian online with our flexible and engaging training programmes to help you to become proficient in the key language areas you need to achieve your goals.

                                                     Figure 1We offer certificate after every level completion.


PRE A1 – 45 – 60 HOURS


You can understand short answers to specific questions (such as the date or time of a meeting) when someone speaks very slowly.


You can take part in a short conversation if the other person speaks very slowly. You can introduce yourself and others in a simple way.


You can understand common words and short phrases on signs and notices. You can understand common items on a menu.


You can fill in simple forms with basic personal information.

LEVEL A1 – 65 – 75 hrs 


You can understand short phrases that give instructions or information when someone speaks slowly.


You can give basic information about yourself. You can discuss common topics (such as the weather).


You can understand common words and phrases in short texts such as advertisements, catalogs, and posters.


You can write a simple email or short message. You can fill in forms with personal data and other information.


An Italian-speaking client visits your office. You can introduce yourself and your colleagues, and can talk about your job. You can also tell them about the best places to eat near your office and give them some simple directions.

You’re staying in a hotel. You can check in and out, and understand prices for difference services. You can ask also the hotel receptionist for directions to the nearest shops, and when you get there, you can ask for things and ask how much things cost.

There are Italian-speaking students at the University where you are studying. You can talk about yourself and your family, ask questions about where they come from, and tell them about the city where you live. You can also exchange phone numbers and send your new friends’ short messages.

LEVEL A2 – 75 – 90hrs 


You can understand useful information, for example travel announcements and directions.


You can communicate during everyday tasks, make plans, give instructions, and exchange information.


You can read short texts and emails, and can find specific information in everyday material such as brochures or websites


You can write short personal emails, messages, notes, and summaries.


You work in an international organization. You can attend online meetings with other Italian speakers as long as you are familiar with the topic. In the meeting you can talk about future plans and make some basic proposals for what to do next. You can also arrange the next meeting, and after the meeting can email a simple written summary of the main points that were discussed.

You are on holiday in an Italian-speaking country. You are comfortable using public transport, and you can buy different types of tickets and compare prices. You can also ask for and understand directions to different places in a city, and will be able to write about where you’ve been in a post on social media.

You’re a student at a university and are attending social events at the start of the new year. You can talk to other students from around the world in Italian and ask and answer questions about life experiences. You can also tell your new friends a story about something that happened to you.



You can understand the main points of a presentation on a familiar topic. You can understand a TV program or podcast related to everyday life.


You can have conversations about common topics and everyday life. You can communicate in most situations when traveling.


You can understand emails and longer texts on topics related to common daily activities, descriptions of events, and texts that express feelings and wishes.


You can write clear summaries and reports on subjects that are familiar to you. You can write professional emails.


You’re in a hotel and you meet a group of people who speak about their holidays and you take part in the conversation without difficulties, speaking about your experiences during your stay: you can understand the sense of what people say and intervene actively.

You’re watching a football program: you can understand how the game went based only on the summary provided by the commentator and listening to the interviews given by the players.

You would like to go to a U2 concert with an Italian speaking friend: you can write a short message to your friend explaining some updates about the tour and you explain that it would be best to see them in Dublin.

LEVEL B2 (90 to 100hrs)


You can understand conversations and speeches in most situations in your personal and professional life.


You can communicate confidently during conversations with others, describe a wide variety of events, and express your point of view.


You can understand longer texts such as newspaper articles about current affairs, and can comprehend contrasting viewpoints.


You can write clear, complex texts about a wide range of subjects, justify the pros and cons of plans, and give your personal opinion.


You’re an IT engineer in an international organization whose working language is Italian. You understand most videos which explain the specifications and functions of new technological solutions, and you understand the technical guide, videos and manuals about your sector.

You are travelling to a business meeting abroad where you meet managers and directors from another company. You can introduce yourself confidently in conversations and interact well with those present, knowing how to construct complex professional phrases.

You are studying at a university in Italian. You can give a presentation to the rest of your class, and confidently answer questions about what you have been studying.

LEVEL B2 (100 to 120hrs)


You can understand extended speeches even on unfamiliar topics. You can follow any TV program or film without much effort.


You can converse spontaneously and fluently. You use Italian flexibly and effectively for personal and professional purposes.


You can understand long and complex texts related to specific events and topics. You can read books and technical manuals without difficulty.


You can write well-structured texts expressing your viewpoint, using complex themes and modifying your writing style according to the reader.


You work in an international organization. A colleague talks about a new security system, explaining in detail the equipment used as well as the problems that can be encountered. Even if you have now technical expertise in this area, you can understand most of the speech.

You have rented a car when travelling abroad. You’ve had a car accident and have to reach an agreement with the other driver. You express yourself without difficulty using specific language related to legal responsibility as well as talk about what happened.

You are studying abroad in an Italian-speaking university. You can give a detailed presentation about artificial intelligence providing specific information and using scientific language, and you give precise answers to questions from the audience.

Study Option & Duration

OptionHours per dayLesson Per WeekHours per month
Semi intensive2432
Super intensive3560

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