Swahili Classes in Zanzibar

Kulaya Language School offers Swahili classes in Zanzibar, we only offer this course in private, (online classes / private tutor).

Our language courses are specifically designed for the learners at different levels. Our qualified and experienced teachers ensure you make a real progress, and help you to successfully achieve your goals and communicate with confidence in your new language.

Swahili Classes in Zanzibar

7 Hours Package

Price – 100usd
Learning Material – free
Tour Classes – Free

16 hours package

Price – 200usd
Tour classes – Free
Learning Material – Free

26 hours - Package

Price – 300usd
Learning Material – Free
Tour Classes – Free

36 hours - package

Fee – 400usd
Learning material – Free
Tour Classes – Free

Speak Swahili faster and enjoy during our special packages

Learn more about Swahili packages in Zanzibar

  • Private tutor.
  • Tour classes (going to beach/market/walking down the street with tutor).
  • Free learning materials.
  • Free cultural classes.
  • Tanzania and Zanzibar history.

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